21 of the BEST scholars, educators, and coaches

in the world share key ideas and methods for transcending what’s blocking you from the LOVE and LIFE of your dreams…with YOU.

I am so grateful to Jeanine for the Supreme Love Project. My very soul is blessed by each and every interview. Each day in feasting on the interviews, I am more hopeful and know that I am just beginning to truly live a great life at 50. - C.Y., from the Supreme Love Project Facebook group


This is your limited time invitation to add this interview series to your "forever" watch list, so you can return to it time and time again.

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A word from Jeanine

If you feel at all confused about how to get out of a spin cycle of pain and uncertainty in love and life, you’re in the right place.

Thank you for this eye opening experience. It's amazing how much I have been able to identify so far about myself and have only scratched the surface of my healing process. -L.S., from the Supreme Love Project Facebook group


For the 2016 Supreme Love Summit, I have brought together 21 of the world’s most influential scholars, educators, and coaches and asked them to share their best ideas and methods for healing terrors in a woman’s soul and body.

An hour with any one of these experts could easily cost you hundreds of dollars. But in this special all-access pass to the 2016 Supreme Love Summit you can glean the benefits of their research and expertise at a fraction of what it could otherwise cost you...and keep your access forever!

You will...

Live 	Examine what you actually think, say, and do to discover how you’re really living.
Learn  	Consider new thoughts, words, and actions to undo what you “know.”
Love	Experience radical compassion, affection, acceptance, and power to live and learn differently.
Heal 	Mend what hurts in your soul and body to change your presence and change the world

This is your only chance to keep the Supreme Love Summit for yourself.

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In these 21 exclusive, cutting-edge interviews, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the terrors in your soul and body.
  • Where your terrors really come from.
  • Methods to heal your terrors from the inside-out.

Without this wonderful project, I know, without doubt, I wouldn't be in the positive and hopeful place I am now... These last few weeks have transformed my life! I am eternally grateful XOXO - N.L., from the Supreme Love Project Facebook group


The best part is…your time to watch these videos with this all-access pass will never expire!

My team and I chose each of my guests carefully. Each speaker is at the top of her or his game, and rising. Each speaker is HEALING the terror in their soul, LIVING the revelations that they learn, and LAUNCHING revolutions in their lives. (That means, they’re healing the world.) I respect their work and they will bring their best for you.

And…you need to know this: Each of them jumped on board to be a part of the 2016 Supreme Love Summit, without hesitation, and despite their busy schedules. That speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to helping you heal the terrors in your soul so you can launch a revolution in your life. (So YOU can heal the world.)

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What makes this Summit Different?

A word from the 2016 Supreme Love Summit Team!

Flexible Schedule

There’s no way you can take in all 21 interviews in just a few days. We know you’re busy! So, Jeanine has created this opportunity to keep these content-rich interviews available for you for as long as you need them. You can listen over and over and over again for years to come!

Video Interviews

There are no voice-only, talking heads in the Supreme Love Summit. You can look at Jeanine and each guest, while you listen to them talk out these tough issues. You can watch them engage with each other and break down what it is you need to know as you grow. Each interview is a fun, casual, power-packed session that engages multiple senses.

Real Talk

Jeanine’s guests are dynamic and deeply communicative. They talk about big ideas with her, serious questions, novel strategies, and their own trials and triumphs. Jeanine’s chosen powerful speakers from all walks of life who will inspire you, make you feel curious, provoke you, cause you to want to learn more, and take the steps to heal, today.

Big Purpose

The Literacy for Life, LLC team (Jeanine’s parent company) donates time, resources, and supplies to organizations that serve girls and women who are survivors of various types of abuse and violence in schools and society. This summit has played a major role in the development of free live-workshops to help support this work for girls and women everywhere!

I have received sooooooo much out of listening to the speakers & gleaning from all of your truth, experience, input & wisdom. Through the topics, I have gained so much insight, help, assistance, lightbulbs of truth going on, encouragement & courage to face the inside beliefs & "stuff". The content has so many nuggets & tools to lay hold of. - K.D., from the Supreme Love Project Facebook group


It's time. Are you ready to heal?

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I'm sitting here contemplating on the last several days and thinking about what I am going through in my life and coming to the realization that God has brought you and this summit into my life for a purpose. I can't even remember how I came across you and this project. It's almost as if you fell from heaven right smack in the middle of my messed up life. You are Divine Sparkle because you are achieving a most powerful intervention into lives that never would have come together otherwise... Thank you from the depths of my heart for providing this heart inspiring, life changing interaction. - D.M., from the Supreme Love Project Facebook group


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